Fundação José Silveira

Created in 2009, the José Silveira Foundation’s Volunteer Program aims to promote the involvement and approximation of society with the Foundation’s health and social actions, actively participating in the expansion and maintenance of these actions.


The FJS volunteer is the person who, motivated by the values of participation and solidarity, donates his time, work and talent spontaneously to benefit patients, users and their families, through the rescue and appreciation of biopsychosocial aspects.

We have 50 volunteers


We appreciate your willingness and willingness to be part of our history. Fill out the form below to send your data directly to our information bank. After registering, you will be invited to participate in 2 meetings with a team of professionals from Fundação José Silveira, when you will know a little more about the Institution, receive instructions on volunteer work and make the choice of location and industry.

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To volunteer, for me, is to divide my heart with other little hearts; dedicate and learn

Larissa Veloso

Love of neighbor and learning

Paulo Chaves

I found in this activity an achievement and an exceptional form of therapy

Gloria Coelho

Learning, giving love

Letícia Gran

Satisfaction in helping others and doing good

Sônia Dumet

This is the best job I've ever done as a volunteer. Here I am, working with children

Francisca Araújo

Instead of helping, I'm being helped.

Núbia Araújo

I seek experience and help those who need it

Gislene Souza

Do my part as a human being and give a lot of love to those who need it

Madja Carvalho

It was the best experience that has happened to me this year! Helping anyone who needs it, I forget my problems

Janaína Lima

Helping others is also a learning process.

Meire Santana

The affection that we give and receives

Maria do Carmo

Growth. Helping people as I was helped as a child

Flávia Freire

For the pleasure of serving and for believing that each one of us must make a difference.

Daniela Cabral

Seja um doador

Ajude a Fundação José Silveira a continuar transformando vidas. São milhares de pessoas, em situação vulnerável, atendidas gratuitamente em Salvador e no interior da Bahia. Sua doação fortalece nossa obra social e nos auxilia a oferecer atendimento de saúde de qualidade para quem precisa.

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