Fundação José Silveira

Born in Santo Amaro da Purification (BA), on November 3, 1904, José Silveira graduated from the Medical School of Bahia in 1927. At the beginning of his training, he was advised to work in radiology, when he defended the thesis of doctorate entitled “Radiology of the descending aorta”, for which he was awarded the Alfredo Brito Medal.

In the year 1930, José Silveira was in Germany with Professor Ludolf Brauer, a world-wide name in Tisiology, from whom he received the stimulus to implant in Brazil an Institute to work in the fight against tuberculosis. Thus, at the age of thirty-three and without financial resources, José Silveira created, on February 21, 1937, the Brazilian Institute for Tuberculosis Research (IBIT), an institution for research on the disease, with the conviction that “no progress could be made without creating a scientific basis. ”

The IBIT has become an international reference work for the quality of its scientific production and its assistance work. Along with the tireless professor José Silveira, his wife, Dona Ivonne Silveira, who was in solidarity and concerned with this cause, voluntarily took on the work of social support to the people victimized at the time by tuberculosis. The IBIT was the starting point of a series of projects, such as the Hospital do Tórax, later called Santo Amaro Hospital. Other services and units were implemented and began to integrate, as of 1985, the assets of the José Silveira Foundation.

A visionary man with an entrepreneurial spirit, Professor José Silveira was also recognized for his high professional and scientific qualification. In 1950, he was approved as a Professor of the Faculty of Medicine of the Federal University of Bahia. Shortly thereafter, he assumed the chair of Tisipneumologia of the Bahia School of Medicine and Public Health and the School of Nursing of UFBA. Prestigated by several national and international institutions, José Silveira left a legacy of several scientific and cultural works, in the form of books and articles published in Brazil and abroad.

Seja um doador

Ajude a Fundação José Silveira a continuar transformando vidas. São milhares de pessoas, em situação vulnerável, atendidas gratuitamente em Salvador e no interior da Bahia. Sua doação fortalece nossa obra social e nos auxilia a oferecer atendimento de saúde de qualidade para quem precisa.

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