Volunteer work

Voluntário em atendimento no IBR

The Volunteer Program at The José Silveira Foundation was created in 2009 and has the goal of fostering closer links between society and the Foundation through social and health initiatives; the Program has been essential for the widening and support of these initiatives.

Volunteer workers at FJS is an individual who is motivated by the values of participation and solidarity and gives his time, work and talent, in a spontaneous fashion, so he can benefit pacients, customers and their families, through the assistance and support of their biopsychosocial backgrounds.

Currently, the Foundation is aided by the participation of 50 volunteers. Help us to increase this number. Be a volunteer ! It is easy to enroll:

Thank you for your good will and avalability for being part of our history. Please fill the application (available at the website) and your data will go directly to our informations bank. After applying, the candidate will be invited to participate in two meetings with one of the Foundation’s team, in which he will know a little more about the Institution, will receive instructions about the volunteer work and will chose a place and a work sector. Welcome to the José Silveira Foundation!



“For me, being a volunteer is to share my heart with many other little hearts;it is to commit and to learn.”
Larissa Veloso

“It is to love your neighbour and it is learning”.
Paulo Chaves

“I found in an extraordinary form of therapy in this line of work.”
Glória Coelho

“Learning, giving love.”
Letícia Gran

“Fulfillment in helping your neighbour and doing good.”
Sônia Dumet

“This is the best work I have ever done as volunteer. Here, I fulfill myself,while working with kids.”
Francisca Araújo

“Instead of helping, I am being helped”
Núbia Araújo

“I seek experience and helping those in need.”
Gislene Souza

“Doing my duty as a human being and givin love to whoever needs it.”
Mádja Carvalho

“It was the best experience I underwent this last year. By helping those in need, I end forgetting my problems. “
Janaina Lima

“Helping your neighbour is also a form of learning.”
Meire Santana

“Tenderness that we give and is given.”
Maria do Carmo

“Growing up. Helping people, as I was helped when a child.”
Flávia Freire

“For the pleasure of serving and for believing that each of us should make a difference.”
Daniela Cabral




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