The President of the board of trustees of The JosA� Silveira Foundation is the physician, Dr. Geraldo Leite. He graduated from the College of Medicine, at the Federal University of Bahia, in 1950. While a med student, he founded a student association that would become very important: The Oswaldo Cruz Scientific Guild. He also took masterclasses in medicine and was awarded The Professor Fernando Luz Prize, for student work, among other achievements. After graduation, for the region of Feira de Santana and took active part in coordinating many events in the area. As an instructor, he was Assistant Professor at the Bahia’s School of Medicine, in the Region of Feira de Santana, President of the A? State University at Feira de Santana; he was also elected President of the BahiaA?s Medicine Association, at the region and Feira de Santana and coordinated several scientific events in the area. In 1997, he was elected for the Board of Trustees of the JosA� Silveira Foundation, and in 2010 he became the organization’s President.


Fernando de Souza Pedroza

First Secretary

Julio Mesquita de Oliva

Second Secretary

Gesilda Coutinho Fernandes Serafim




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