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Professor JosA� Silveira

JosA� Silveira was born in Santo Amaro da PurificaA�A?o (In the State of Bahia), on November the 3rd of 1904. In 1927, he graduated from Medical School. At the beggining of his education he was tutored for working as a radiologist; later he defended his doctoral thesis on a??Radiology of the descending aortaa?? for which he was awarded the Alfredo Brito Medal.

JosA� Silveira spent the year of 1930 in Germany, under the guidance of Professor Ludolf Brauer, the world-consecrated specialist in Tisiology, from whom he received incentives to start a institute toact in the fight against Tuberculosis in Brazil. Hence, when he was thirty-three years old and devoid of financial resources, JosA� Silveira established on the 21st of February of 1937 the Brazilian Institute for Tuberculosis Research (IBIT), a research institution on the ailment, convinced of the fact that a??one could not advance without building scientific fundamentsa??.

IBIT became an internationally renowned institution due to the quality of its scientific production as well as due to social care work. Side by side with the tireless Professor, his wife, Dona Ivonne Silveira, greatly concerned with his major passion, voluntarily took the work of socially supporting people who were victims of Tuberculosis. IBIT was the first landmark of what would later become an ensemble of enterprises like the Thorax Hospital, later known as the Santo Amaro Hospital. Other services and units where later built and, from 1998 onwards, became part of the Foundation’s conglomerate.

Aside from being a man of vision and an enterpreneur, Professor JosA� Silveira was also recognized by his highly elevated professional and scientific skills. In 1950, he was the winner of a competitive examination to fulfill the tenure track position of professor at the Federal University of Bahia. A little time later, he occupied the position of professor of Tisiopneumology at The Bahian School of Medicine and Public Health as well as Professor at the School Nursing at the Federal University of Bahia. Several institutions, in Brazil and abroad, were aware of Professor’s JosA� Silveira reputation whose legacy is present in many cultural and scientific works, in the form of books and articles, published both nationally and internationally.




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