In its seventy-seventh year of existence, the JosA� Silveira Foundation (FJS) is proud to follow on the footsteps of its founder, the Professor JosA� Silveira, in promoting health and social assistance. The institution have been proceeding along a self-sustainable process, while consolidating its units and projects which benefit mostly parts of our state’s population under the situation of more intense vulnerability. The FJS has more than six thousand associates who work in an integrated manner with the support of a modern system of management and under the commitment of reaching a continuous improvement.

Regarded as a worldwide respected specialist and researcher in the field of Tisiology, JosA� Silveira was an idealist who struggled , initially without financial support, to fight the scourge of Tuberculosis. Hence, he founded in 1937, in the basement of the School of Medicine, the initial unit which would later be regarded as an international model for treatement of TB patients: o Instituto Brasileiro para a InvestigaA�A?o da Tuberculose a?? IBIT (the Brazilian Institute for Tuberculosis Research).

Nowadays, the JosA� Silveira Foundation is composed of the following Supporting Units: The Santo Amaro Hospital, The JosA� Silveira Laboratory and The Environmental and Work Safety Unit. These are sources of financial support for the Health Assistance Units: the Brazilian Institute for Tuberculosis Research (IBIT), the Bahia’s Institute for Rehabilitation (IBR), the Pestalozzi Rehabilitation Center, the Nucleus for Cultural Incentive of Santo Amaro (NICSA), The Holy House Hospital SA?o Judas Tadeu (in JequiA�), the Christ the Redeemer Hospital (in Itapetinga), the Maternity Hospital ClA�lia RebouA�as (in MutuA�pe), as well as for the Health Assistance Programs, the Health and Citizenship Program and for the Health Mobile Units.

In order to have an idea of the dimension of the tasks undertaken by the The JosA� Silveira Foundation, during the year of 2013, the institution provided more than 1 million procedures and medical appointments through its Health Assistance Units. The Institution has been promoting health initiatives for the benefit of those more in need through its mobile units, health fairs and community workshops. Furthermore the Foundation secures the provision of soy bread and soy milk to almost 60 social organizations, hence benefiting thousands of people. Through these actions, the Instituition cooperates towards the improvement of social indicators as well as for the generation of jobs and social income for the State of Bahia.




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