FJS’s Choral

FJS’s Choral in Christmas presentation

The FJS’s Choral is well-received in its presentations due to the quality of its musical performance and to the harmony present in its vocal ensemble. The group has been present in celebrations, internal and external events, when it charms audiences with its performances, the passion its singers, whose work steems from a work ethics that is based onf seriousness, professionalism and the commitment to do their best.

Under the direction of its maestro Leandro Gazineo, the group has been present in many festivals, like the Festcoros Bahia and the Federal Justice Choral Gathering; it also presented itself in several public places in Salvador like shopping malls and tourist spots. Wherever it goes, the Choral charms its audiences with its quality repertoire and harmonious ensemble.




    Ladeira do Campo Santo, s/n - Federação. Salvador-BA.
    CEP: 40210-320.
    Tel.: (71) 3504-5000



    Av. Carlos Aguiar Ribeiro / Anel Viário. Loteamento São Judas Tadeu, s/n. Jequié-BA.
    CEP: 45204-040